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@TrajectUP® Kids we help children develop a passion for technology today, to enhance their career opportunities tomorrow. We create interactive workshops based upon Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts. We expose young children to technology without overwhelming them with technology!

in/After School workshops

TrajectUP® Kids works with kids between the age of four and fourteen years old. We create a technical, non-competitive, team learning environment. Keva® wood Planks are used to build artistic structures. Young KEVA builders today will be designing our world in a few years. Cubetto® the wooden robot is used to teach kids, between four and six years old, coding (programming) without the use of computer screens. littleBits® are modular electronics, which snap together with small magnets for prototyping and learning.

Interactive technical concepts through play

Workshops- 1 hour per session
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Summer program

Creating new summer adventures daily

Enjoy TrajectUP® Kids workshops, hikes, outdoor games, interactive sports activities and trips.

August Program

(3) weekly sessions- 9-4 M-Thur 9-12 Friday
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birthday parties

Mind Toy interactive party activities

Choose (1) mind toy -KEVA™, Cubetto® or littlebits™ during interactive workshop |1.5 hr interactive workshop |Age range 4-12 years old |Birthday kid receives TrajectUP® Kids T-shirt |Professional party facilitator provided |Customer provides party location|

Interactive creative play

1.5 hour party package
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Mind Toys

What is a mind toy?

Toys that incorporate learning through play. The interactive toys build self confidence, creativity, leadership skills, curiosity and resilience.

Shhh.. don't tell them they're learning

The mindtoys tap into kids creative side. They will play independently and with groups. Need a gift, consider purchasing a mindtoy.
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